It’s Time Now

18 01 2008

The time now shows 1.23AM,meaning it’s time to say


hopefully everything will be fine.


Back To Square One

17 01 2008

‘Can  I don’t go back to UTP?’

Most people have been shooting this question to me,even I myself ask people this question.Well,all that I can say is that the answer would definitely be a big N-O,NO;unless you plan to go against PETRONAS and break the bond and pay a whopping RM XXXXXX back to PETRONAS and go back to home and live in there forever.So,quit asking that question already.

Today,I went for groceries shopping before returning to UTP.Sometimes,I think UTP is brainless,mainly because they FORCED us to clear our rooms every semester break.I mean,HELLO,why should we clear everything?Cant we just leave them there and occupy the same room again the next semester ??This is like my second time going back to a totally empty room and start cleaning everything from scratch.Darn, I’m already sick of it.Sick of having to wipe the spiderwebs,dust and whatsoever that is disgusting.Sick of having to carry all my stuff up to third[probably fourth] floor.It’s superb tiring okay..I wonder how would I survive with the oh- so-many clean-ups left.I suggested to my mum to bring along my maid to help me clean while I watch her clean.That sounds good,ain’t it?:P

Okay,back to groceries shopping.This time,I did not buy tonnes of food supply mainly because I plan to starve myself when I’m back there due to some circumstances which I’m not mentioning here.I just bought two tins of Jacobs and a bottle of jam.No maggi,MSG makes you bald.lOl..And maggi makes you BLUR.

I kept trying to remember what happened throughout my first semester.I actually felt that first semester was indeed a LONG period of time.As I could recall,too much things happenend.It felt as if first semester take up one whole year.Why,oh why??Still remembered how WanSin and I would stay up late and go for walks,the late night mamak visits,the no-purpose drive to McD in Manjung,the late night yakking with my roomate,going for sports till midnight,birthday celebrations and the list goes on and on.Then comes the stressful part which is the test and exams,getting sucky results,having to study till late night..Whoa,it seems like everything took place in one year..

If anyone were to ask me what’s my best moment in first semester,I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to answer that question.Why?Well,because I had too many fond memories in first semester,people.I’m only in first semester and I’ve almost tried so many stuffs.Credits to Miss Chey Wan Sin,Mr.John E.E,Miss Audrey and Mr Bismo.These are the people who made my first semester a splendid one.:p



Ups And Downs

17 01 2008

I still remembered the me during secondary school.I do not know whether I shall describe myself as kiasu or whatever.The school isn’t a place for me to study,it’s merely a place for me to socialize and make friends.I’m one of the noisy ones,always cracking up jokes.Whenever there isn’t a teacher in class,you would never fail to see me sitting with a group of girls behind,talking and laughing.In class,I’m only attentive in subjects which I feel worth listening to.If a crappy teacher teaches in front,I won’t bloody give a damn to what she’s saying.This is me.I choose my homework as well,only complete those which I feel is important,and others I just dump it aside.I may look like some loser girl who don’t give a damn about her future.When anyone sees me,they wouldn’t believe that I can study.Despite my attitude in class,I still managed to emerge as the first in the class.I’m not bragging or showing off here by praising myself.I know my abilities;I’m not borned a genius by nature.I do work hard for my achievements.I’ve always wanted to be the best.Eventhough I may look like I don’t really care about being the best,but deep down in me,being the best do matter to me.I’ve always wanted to score the highest marks.When I dont score the highest,I would always tell myself that I MUST do better the next round,and usually it works.

Most of my friends think that I’m like sooooooooooo smart and so on,but I seriously told them that I studied like shit for every exam.!No one sees how discplined I am when at home.I do not show my hardworking self in school,never ever.Eventhough it is like one day before examinations,I could stil continue doing my daily routine in school.I go to school to talk.Yeah,that is like so stupid,I know.

That was me when back in secondary school.The present me isn’t anything like that at all.*sigh*

OK I shall announce that my first semester results sucked.happy?!

Serious speaking,when WanSin told me my results,my reaction was like ………….”uh huh……..that’s pretty bad..”ANd nothing else.I do not feel any bit of sadness in me at all.No dissappoinment in me.I just feel sorry to my parents for letting them down because I know they expect more than this.Well,sorry to say,no matter what,this is my results and nothing can be changed.

After thinking and wondering and thinking again,I do not have any idea on why was my reaction like that.If compared to last time in secondary school,I would be in tears when I know my bad scores.I still remembered I only managed to score a mere 60-sumtg for my addmaths and the moment I got to know that,I broke into tears, trying hard to control it.BUt this time,I cannot believe that I’ve got no feelings at all.I just envy those who managed to score with flying colours.I think I’ve changed,for worse.I’ve definitely changed.I’ve got no aims in my life.All I wanted was to be able to earn big amount of $$$.That’s kind of stupid of me to think this way,I very well know that.But that’s all that is in my mind.I’ve lost the kiasu-ness in me.

Upon knowing my results,I did not inform my parents straight.I took a few days thinking how I should break the news to them.I did not tell them not because I was afraid they’d sound me or whatever,I just don’t know how to open my mouth and break them the bad news.However,after a few days passed,I took up all my courage and told them.

Reaction that I got was nothing that I’d imagined,perhaps maybe something better.Well,they did not show it to me,but I can feel it upon seeing their faces.I’ve made a promise that I will score a perfect one the next round no matter what.And I seriously mean what I say.Since last time,I really envy people who can play and score as well.I really admire those people,and I want to be one of those.People who studied 24/7 and score a 4-flat is no big deal.I mean,you studied so much,so you should get that kind of results.Nothing suprising though.

Well,today is already Thursday,meaning I still have 1 more day in my home and after that,I’m back to UTP.Many people has told me that they are not ready to return to that place,but all I can say is that we can do nothing about it,but to just endure a few more months of sufferings till the next semester break.

Time really flies and you won’t realise it.I was packing my stuffs and I came across my pile of notes,comprises of lectures,tutorials,test papers and many rough papers.At that moment then only I realised how time really flies.I still remembered we were known as the new students of July 2007 intake,and now we are returning to UTP with other newer students.LOL.

I hope and pray that Semester 2 would be a great one,unlike Semester 1.

Till then,


Destined Destiny

7 01 2008

Holidays are meant to be fun,exciting,enjoyable,relaxing,stress-free BORING!Human beings,like me as an example likes complaining.When there isn’t any breaks or whatsoever,I complain like hell,demanding for a break.When I’m on a break,I would again complain of boredom.See.?I guess I’m not the only one who is like this😛 My holidays isn’t a superdupertriple exciting one,neither was it a completely boring one.Since returning from China,I spend most of my days glued in front of my laptop.Clicking here and there was all I did.Watching HK dramas,movies and the list goes on.

 Once again,Chinese New Year is quite around the corner.CNY simply means shopping for new clothes for me.I’d been looking for new clothes,but,nothing seems to suit my taste.Whatever,maybe I’m not in the mood for it.Who cares?

I’ve suddenly come to realise that I wanted to TRY something very very badly.That thing that my parents forbid me to even think of it.Well,it all happened when I went to The Curve.I’ve always heard of people mentioning about the excitement and addiction of clubbing,drinking and so on.For once,I saw it with my own eyes the atmosphere in a club.A pitch dark room lightened up by the shimmering disco balls colourful neon lights,people in there were packed like sardines dancing away to the heart-thumping music played by the dj.All out of a sudden,I have the urge to go in there!!But once again,my hopes were shattered when my parents came to my mind.But,I will DEFINITELY go in there one day.It may not be now,but ONE day I will be in there!!

My first semester results will be out on the 11th,which means a few more days.Well,to be very honest,I have no feeling towards it.I’m not trying to be miss show-off here,but I know how badly I did.No point crying over spilt milk.I’ve made up my mind about something which I’m not going to mention here.~~~

p/s: Don’t mind this trashy post.My blogging desire has not come back to me yet..*sigh*

It’s The Time Again

2 01 2008
Well,today is the day again;my sister went back to her university today.I still remembered the very first time she moved and stayed there.The moment I left her hostel,I wanted to cry.I seriously think that I can count on my sister if I needed any help from her,provided that she’s able to lend her hand.Turn back time to New Year’s Eve countdown.My friends and I did not have any transport back.Last choice was to wait for a taxi.But due to a massive jam,we waited by the roadside for like i-dunno-how-many-hours and there isnt any taxi insight.In between that time,I kept receiving messages from my sister asking me where I am.Me,being the biggest bitch actually felt annoyed with her for asking me so many things.I’m sucha bitch!After a few messages,I called her and asked where is she and I asked her whether she could come and give me a lift.To my suprise,she asked me to wait at where I am and that she’s coming.I’ve got to say I’m surprised because:
  • She wasn’t the driver that night
  • Her friends and her were about to head home
  • There were traffice jams everywhere
  • We had to cram in the car

I mean,where in the world would any sister do that?!Even Nikki’s sister went home earlier upon hearing that she needed to give us a lift home.Well,she did look pissed off atfirst,but after that she was okay about it.That incident really made me realised how much she cared for me.*sigh*I wanted her to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of us dont talk like 24/7.We had our own friends and so on.But,we both enjoy each other’s existence.Knowing that she’s in the house is sufficient enough.I am now lookin forward for her to come back this weekend……..

Protected: Time Flies And You Don’t Realise It

13 12 2007

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11 12 2007

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